To KDP Select Or Not To KDP Select by Ashley Barron- reblogged

I have been debating on leaving my first book Blake on KDP Select and putting it up for free again, but after reading some posts from many authors, including Russell Blake and Ashley Barron, and watching  what other authors are doing with their books  I believe I have made up my mind not to. I am hoping to eventually get Blake up on other book store shelves. Amazon isn’t the only fish in the sea, though it might be the biggest!

To KDP Select Or Not To KDP Select

It’s time to decide.

I have paid attention to KDP Select since its launch at the beginning of this year. Over the past six months, I’ve posted my own initial questions about the monetary structure of KDP Select in a blog post, and listened to and shared the experiences of fellow writers I admire and trust, including Collette Scott.

Hundreds and hundreds of the e-books that I downloaded when they were temporarily free are now sitting on my Kindle, waiting to be read. As a reader, it is exciting to scroll through the list of possibilities and know I could find a book to suit any mood, any craving.

When I’ve paid for a novel, though, it tends to jump to the top section of my TBR list. That’s my reality. Maybe it’s yours, too……

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One thought on “To KDP Select Or Not To KDP Select by Ashley Barron- reblogged

  1. Interesting; I have seen many similar comments in the Amazon forums saying that because they are free, somehow, books become 'cheapened' – many even saying that they were going through and deleting them all after coming across 'some really amateur stuff' and no desire to wade through to find the good ones. But I guess when we pay for anything, we're more discerning in making that choice and want to get our money's worth.

    I joined KDP when it first started, and was highly excited about it; hundreds of my books downloaded, but it brought me nothing in return, well practically nothing, anyway; one review only, a couple of borrows but no spike in sales of my other works whatsoever. I, personally, couldn't wait to leave the programme in order to list my books on other distributor's sites where I can choose to do promotions without restrictions when I feel like it. Author friends have said the same thing, that they got nothing back, of no benefit to them at all. But then, you see the messages of how successful some have been, and so maybe it does work for some – I, however, remain sceptical.

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